About us

  • reference-ilustration2These days, "ORION" team deals with the development of web-based applications, mobile applications, Web infrastructure and managed servers for personal as well as the for our clients needs,  web design and administration of web sites. Our wide spectrum of web and mobile applications, web design assignments and server management services are used by companies from over 14 countries in Europe and the world, which is mostly from Germany.

    As a confirmation of our ability certainly is the entry in the "Technology Park" which proud tenant we are since 2009.

    ... to enter in TechPark, you must be adorn with technological innovation.

    TechPark VŽ

    "Orion" currently engages seven highly educated and experienced computer scientists, graduated Informatics and masters of computer science, and the need for new highly educated staff continues to grow. Contact us!

    We're open supporting and advocating Open-Source software and contribuiring through programming and translations into Croatian (Joomla!, SMF ...), providing localized support through active participation in various forums (Joomla-Croatia croJoomla!, SimpleMachines Forum ...) mailing lists, newsgroups and GoogleGroups.

    The latest news in our service offer is opening hosting service for open market under the name "Warpmax."

    Up to now, our portfolio includes over 80 different websites and other projects which were implemented in our web applications, CMS components or entire software/hardware solutions (for example, specialized and custom servers), and the number of satisfied customers ensures that we are justifiably gained their trust.

    Become our business partner, lets build Your web project together!

    Bernard Toplak, founder and owner
    ExaByte Ltd., Varaždin - Croatia

  • 1997th - The experience of our team with the web site goes back to 1997. when we set up our first website as part of the then 'ORION electronics service'. We started with web server technology already 1998th testing the local Linux and FreeBSD servers for the needs of former company. So was born our love for the GNU Linux systems and its administration.

    2004th - The 'Pacific d.o.o. G.Kneginec' hires its first Dedicated servers for client needs, and from then until now administers and manages several dozen servers, virtual machines, and HA clusters.

    2005th - 'Pacific' launches offer of its mini hosting packages for the public under the brand "TechnoIzlog". But the brand was never actually particularly promoted outside the client area which come to us through recommendations (good voice can be heard far away), or based on various volunteer activities on the support forums (croJoomla!, SMF, etc..), and the vast majority remained with us untill this days.

    2006th - Over the years, skated a few interesting projects in which we have participated on complex net-infrastructure tasks, Linux and Windows servers, Cluster nodes, up to multi-network proxy/firewall/router nodes, NFS implementations, VoIP/SIP integration etc.

    2008th - The "Orion craft for Consulting and Informatics" todays "ORION Informatics & Trading" is founded as part of the separation process IT-infrastructure/software activity. "Pacific d.o.o." moves to Varaždin and continues to deal with the distribution and service of hardware.

    2009th - "ORION" is highly innovative ICT company, the recognition of that is our entry into the "Technology Park" that accepts our project plan "Developing SaaS clustering HW/SW framework". So in September 2009. "ORION" becames the proud tenant of "Techpark VŽ". Since then, we dedicate our efforts in developing a scalable platform for the professional hosting of business applications that require a stable and secure platform that will guarantee the continuous availability of business web-based applications and and thereby was born the project "Federation Servers".

    2011th - In June 2011. we conclude that our team is technically enough competent to begin with the long-planned following stage - commercialization of its own business-oriented, secure and stable hosting services. This also entails hosting offers for the open market.