Mobile applications

Smart phones and tablet devices are recently in the big swing and literally flooded the market of mobile telecommunications and devices. Their popularity and the number of users is growing from day to day and it's quite justified forecasts that in the near future will open multiple websites for mobile devices than PCs. Along with these, even more will increase demand for specialized mobile applications. Today already , mobile applications represent a factor that has most contributed to sudden rise of market of smartphones and is the main carrier of the mobile revolution.

Our team already successfully adapts website for mobile devices, and manufactures high quality, smartly designed and effective mobile applications.

Website development and applications for mobile devices are something more complex than making the classic version for PCs. Today on the market there are a number of different smart phones that use different operating systems and browsers for surfing the Internet, so the content needs to be adjusted especially for each of them. Another important feature is that mobile devices are far more smaller than a computer monitor, so the content should be optimally placed on smaller screens, and besides that, the screen size varies from device to device.

On smart phones and tablet devices, the goal is to optimize the content to only the most important information. Excessive amounts of text and links isn't desirable, and because of the touch screen the navigation buttons need to be large enough to be easily trigger with Your finger.

We develop mobile applications according to Your needs and expectations, and for the following operating systems: Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone 7