Web Design

The service web design implies designing the visual appearance of the website, or just what the visitor sees when he is on a website. For this reason, the design and look of the website plays a very important role in attracting attention and gaining the trust of visitors. Although it's not the only element that is affected, but it's certainly one that makes a good (or bad) first impression on visitors of Your web site. If visitors gain a negative first impression, they will very likely quickly leave Your website and prefer go to another, often the one of Your's more skillful (more fortunate) competitor. Thus, You don't ignore the importance of the impression that high quality and modern design leaves on visitors, because for under it, they score promptness, diligence and quality of your company or business.

Every website should have unique design, attractive appearance, which is a relatively fast-loading, easily navigate, and visitors can quickly get the message that they want to convey through their website.

Our job is to make Your design in Photoshop or Fireworks in accordance with the company's visual identity, and according to all information that the client must first collect: the goal and purpose of website, potential visitors and framework content. In case You still don't have a defined visual identity, we can create it for You including a logo and entire Brand Book.

After consultation with client we define the final look, move on to the coding of visual design in HTML/CSS, and if it's necessary use the latest HTML5 and CSS3, as well as other technologies such as JavaScript and Flash. In the case of simple static site work ends here, but in case of the need for content management system (CMS) we install CMS system, customize designs for CMS using PHP language and program some smaller modules such as contact forms and etc. All other advanced functions of the site belong to the domain of web programming.

Customers who want to more often modify content on their website will most likely choose the CMS version, because in that case, without any special knowledge of HTML / CSS, they alone can independently, very easily and quickly maintain the content on their website. For those who can't reach or don't want to deal with maintaining the content of their web pages "ORION" offers an updating service and maintenance of site by our administrators in one of our affordable packages.

From CMS systems we recommend three most famous and most used systems in the world: Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. Why open source CMS, and not Your own? Because, from the experience, we claim that there are greater safety and reliability of the system which develops hundredth experienced programmers ("developers"), and are tested by millions of users around the world, then few systems that are developed by several or, more commonly, only by one programmer.

When making the web compliancing W3C standard we ensure that Your site will be available to all and is optimized to look the same in all web browsers, of which the most common modifications needed for Internet Explorer.