Web Development

In addition to all other services related to web technologies that we offer, creation of custom web applications is our primary business.

At the present time is worth an unwritten rule that companies without their own websites practically are non-existenting on the market. But, apart from presentational web sites with basic information, there is a increasingly need for more complex web pages which due to the nature of work require specific web applications. Why "just have" a web page, wouldn't it be ideal solution for the business, or part of the work, takes place via the website!? In this case, You need quality and applications tailored for You.

On the market there available completed web applications, components, modules that are only up to a certain limit and can be applied for individual business needs, but after that it's necessary to continue further develop of the application either due to lack of functionality, or to fit Your particular business system. However, it is common knowledge that every business has its own specific requirements and operates in a different unique way.

Precisely for this reason, and because most clients come to us with their ideas and wishes how should software system work, we're developing projects from scratch and converting those ideas into high-quality applications that generate profit. Such situations are our specialty, and there's no challenge to which we are not mature enough.

Special attention is dedicated to safety. Even the best application in the world with excellent functions is useless, if an experienced Internet user can crash Your web page, or jeopardize business by breaking into a software system.

With us, You can realize all Your ideas, whether You are building a simpler website, or You need a forum, an online web shop, product catalog, custom portal, development and customizing Your own social networks, integration with popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter), then themes, plugins, components and modules for the various CMS systems. We are also prepared offer You making the software for a multi-level marketing, customizing CRM and ERP systems, integration of CRM systems with VoIP technology, implementation of various APIs, etc.

We make all types of applications according to user requirements. We use PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and AJAX technologies, as well as various PHP frameworks, of which the most Zend and Cake.